Hello from Basher the Bear...

Welcome to the web page of Big Bear Bolts, we are based in always sunny Kingston Upon Hull.  We supply NUTS!!! and bolts to trade and public alike.

Come down and see the crew for all your nut & bolt supplies.  We stock in our shop in Hull a wide range of items, fixing, gloves, workwear, PPE, drills, Magnetic Drills, hand and power tools and more been added every week.

Why not come down a see what we have in store ....


We've got an old one, a medium one and a young one!


The old fella is Stu, old school type (another word for grumpy :-)), loves his son, Vw's, tenpin bowling, welding, camping and whatever other pastime crosses his path!!


Then there's the medium one Alex, he's the nut and bolt maestro.  Good to have someone on board who's sensible too.  Alex has over 19 years of experience in the fixings game and the backbone of the fixings side of Big Bear Bolts.

Basher the Bear

The one that keeps the ultimate eye on everything going on at BBB. Basher joins us from the good old USA. He's the quality control specialist at BBB.

Give the boys a follow on the usual social media time wasting devices, pick up a t shirt or cap, request them to make something out of steel or generally just follow what and where they are up to ..... Let the Travels Continue ......

Our store

The Bear Cave

Unit 37 Foster Street 

Hull  HU8 8BT